A strike at RED… Surely not?

A strike at RED… Surely not?

A strike at RED… Surely not?

The team at RED swapped their design studio for a bowling alley in October to make their annual business 'away day' a little more fun.

Each year the team from RED ‘down tools’ for a day to take a step back, re-charge and re-focus. This year the morning began with some great discussions on how the internal communication agency, based on Clifton Moor, can improve its service offering to client companies.

Director Andy Douse said: “We also talked about why it’s great to work at RED and unanimously discovered that it’s because we have a strong work ethic and sense of fun.

“Our discussions also focused on how we can continue providing an award-winning service and creativity to our existing and prospective clients in the months to come, and the ways in which we can keep evolving within the industry.”

He added: “Then, because we recognise that the key to good internal communication is a happy and connected workforce, we celebrated our year’s achievements with some afternoon ten pin bowling.

Despite some very impressive (and some not so impressive) final scores, the outright winner was Dave, our new Account Manager, who was awarded the first place prize.

“But, the real winner of the day was the whole team because it brought us together on both a professional and personal level, ensuring we are a tight-knit, agile team prepared to support our clients in creating a similarly affective workplace.”

For more information visit www.comms.red or call 01904 479500.

Bowling 1

Team RED – ready to bowl.

Bowling 2

Dave with his winner's medal.

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