Fail to train, feel the pain

Fail to train, feel the pain

Fail to train, feel the pain

Given a choice between a free flight with a completely untrained pilot or paying for a flight with a fully trained pilot, I suspect you would choose to pay. However, in business we often see employers who do not recognise the importance and value of training. Often staff who are technically brilliant and really understand the systems, processes or technology they are working with are moved into more senior positions, without being given the training to help them develop the management skills they need.

Over the past six years the University of York has been delivering high-quality, practical-based courses to businesses across York, with the aim of ensuring that staff in leadership and management positions have the skills they need to drive the business forward.

We are, therefore, delighted to offer CMBA members 25% discount on two of our courses:


This programme provides senior managers with the skills, tools and competencies they require to effectively operate in today’s constantly changing and challenging business environment. Find out more at


A five-day course that is ideal for staff who have made that significant move into a team leader, supervisor or managerial position and who need to develop skills around motivation, team building and performance management. Find out more at

For more information, please contact Amanda Selvaratnam on or 01904 435102.

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