In the frame

In the frame

In the frame

Teaming up with talented photographers is simply all part of the job for Inc Dot, a local design and print company. Using their beautiful images, Inc Dot are experts in turning professional photos into high-quality post and greeting cards.

One creative photographer who has particularly impressed the team recently is David Charles who specialises in portraits and head shots. David even had a go at snapping some shots of Nick Turnbull, Managing Director of Inc Dot. Nick jokily recalled that: “David rashly declared that he could bring out my inner beauty… I’ll let you judge the results.”

Nick before

Nick before.

Nick after

Nick after.

About Inc Dot:

If you’re looking for a design and print company who are service-driven and committed to your needs, look no further. From their base in Seafire Close, Clifton Moor, Inc Dot can supply the world. They have been in business for decades and have experienced staff to serve customers in the way they expect and deserve.

  • Inc Dot is a family firm that was first established in 1979.
  • Providing everything from one sheet of A4 copying, to a full colour digital run of brochures, Inc Dot can do it all.
  • Today the company is led by siblings Nick and Pascha Turnbull.
  • Website:
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