Looking to the future

Looking to the future

Looking to the future

Mike Everitt, former assistant CEO of Enterprise South Devon, joined BSYNY in 2006 and became the new Chief Executive of BSYNY Ltd, taking over the reins from predecessor Norman Whyte in 2015.

Whilst during the last year there have been significant reductions in government funding to support businesses, BSYNY continues to provide its support services with a funded element where possible. Responding to the changes, they have also developed a range of commercial services that have already been positively applauded for their quality of content delivery and price.

Mike said: “Over the years BSYNY in all its incarnations has continued to be a pillar of the local community, offering quality support in an easy to understand, nononsense way and we often (wrongly) have not courted the limelight with the many success stories and the achievements of our clients.

“We continue to develop both culturally and practically and I believe we must continually evolve by creating new commercial products and services that will add value to our clients and their business success.

He continued: “The reality in the future is that all businesses and those individuals that consider selfemployment, will have to make a part or full contribution towards obtaining business support where funding doesn’t exist and we continue to be creative whilst focused on maintaining the fantastic reputation we have achieved and remain committed to offering quality results and excellent value for money.”

Mike added: “For our 30th anniversary year, we are championing our ‘Build a Better Business’ initiative to encourage business owners and managers to think about how their business makes a difference and how it could be improved, and have also introduced a new range of business training and mentoring to complement that outcome. We are involved in a range of partnerships including Local Authorities, Universities Skills Service, LEPs and various other groups and other businesses too. We are also a member of the National Enterprise Network that enables us to take advantage of collaborative National Initiatives.”

The broad support provided by BSYNY covers training, mentoring and funding that really makes a difference and our previous track record, as well as positive feedback from new clients, continues to endorse the confidence that we bring to local business owners.

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