Outstanding ten years

Outstanding ten years

Outstanding ten years

Ten years have flown by since Home Instead York opened their doors. Since then the team has provided an uncountable number of hours of care to their clients. The organisation has gone from strength to strength, culminating in them achieving an ‘Outstanding’ rating from the Care Quality Commission (CQC) late last year.

Daphne Ellis, General Manager at Home Instead York, said: “Just as important is the continuing positive feedback we receive from clients and their families. This feedback goes beyond complimenting our service on a job well done, and although that is fantastic to hear, it’s the heartfelt thanks we receive for the difference we have made that grabs my attention. It’s a common occurrence for me to read emails or letters from clients’ families about the impact we have had on the quality of someone’s life, whether that’s the client or the client’s family who have had respite from, sometimes overwhelming, caring responsibilities. I feel privileged to do a job that is a small part of making that positive impact on others.

“The world of health and social care has changed significantly over the last ten years. Austerity and the political climate have had their impact. The ageing population has started to influence the availability of services for older people. Home Instead has developed, adapted and learned a huge amount along the way and I am sure the future holds even more change.

“The population will continue to age as ‘baby boomers’ approach the age of our client group, the government will have to respond to the huge challenges facing the health and social care system and technology will have a growing influence on the way we work. There will inevitably be challenges and opportunities for us all ahead, but Home Instead intends to be at the forefront, leading the change that is required.

“One thing that I am confident of is that the key factor in our success for the last ten years will also be key to our success for the next ten years. That key factor is our people, so thank you to our team and I hope everyone is as excited about the future of Home Instead as I am.”

For further information, please contact york@homeinstead.co.uk or call 01904 690884.

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Home Instead York celebrate their tenth birthday and their 'Outstanding' rating from the CQC.

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