The importance of being helpful

The importance of being helpful

The importance of being helpful

Utility Warehouse’s Will Jenkyns tells us why helping is what it’s all about in his business.

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The dictionary describes ‘help’ as: verb (used without object) to give aid; be of service or advantage

In my business, I get to help both home and business owners gain an advantage with the essential things in life - utilities. Simplifying services, bills saving money and not being locked in to deals for years on end.

Just recently I met the soon-to-be owner of a new bookshop in York. Karen Walker has just opened The Blue House Bookshop on Bootham, aimed at the younger end of the reading market. In setting up a new business there is so much to get ready: fittings, stock, systems, connectivity, energy etc. I was able to offer to sort out all of the shop’s utility provision, from one supplier, on one bill and with no contracts.

Karen Walker was delighted with the service: “Will arranged everything and relieved me of the pressure of having to sort out all these services. He called in to the shop, showed me how it works with UW and gave me some very reasonable prices. He also then helped me put up some bookshelves...great service!”

If you need help with your utilities, why not call Utility Warehouse and see what this award-winning company can do for you? Call Will on 07736 481251 and make the smart move today (bookshelf construction is optional). FTSE 250 Utility Warehouse has won 28 Which? Awards, and works with SMEs and households to lower bills and make life simpler.

The Blue House Bookshop
Bootham bookshop is happy with their bills.

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