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Maximise PM Ltd

Maximise PM Ltd

We produce both branded (custom) and non-branded TESTER BLOTTERS™ in a wide range of styles, formats and colours, using existing templates or designed according to your specific requirements. We also make Special Tester Blotters for the most exclusive scents and aromas.

Whether you require a minimum quantity for a product launch or millions packed and distributed to multiple global outlets, you can order direct via our online store, ScentBlotterStrips, or contact us for our expert advice on the correct grade of absorbent board, based on your specific needs.

We are the world’s leading dedicated supplier of TESTER BLOTTERS™ (also known by a variety of other names, including Scent Blotter Strips, Perfume Testing Strips, Smelling Strips, Sniff Testers, Cologne Blotter Strips and Mouillettes de Parfum) and as an award-winning company we have featured on BBC TV & Radio. We provide global retailers and manufacturers throughout the Beauty, Perfume, Aromatherapy and Essential Oil industries with Fragrance Tester Blotter Strips and Cards that provide a consistent standard for fragrance evaluation.

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Maximise, 4 Devonshire Court, Green Lane, York, YO30 5PQ, UK

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