GEM Construction to the rescue

GEM Construction to the rescue

GEM Construction to the rescue

Early on the 9 November 2018, GEM Construction (York) Ltd got a call from The Star Inn The City, located on Museum Street, after flames broke out causing extensive, but localised, damage to the kitchen roof. GEM worked tirelessly in the first few weeks to enable the bar area to reopen in late November, but the restaurant and kitchen remained closed while the works to refurbish the area got underway.

The roof had to be fully refurbished due to the extensive fire damage and the weakening of its structural integrity. As it is a listed building, the new roof had to match the original design with traditional trusses having to be made, and traditional construction methods used to install these. Where possible, the original materials were used or kept in place, and new products were incorporated to match the existing ones.

The fire damage also led to a full rewire being required due to the consumer unit for the building being located in the kitchen and the majority of the cables for the building running through the burnt area. The original kitchen equipment was condemned due to contamination from the fire.

This saw GEM getting involved in designing a new layout for the kitchen equipment and overseeing its installation. Services were rerouted, removed and added to accommodate the new layout prior to the installation of a replacement resin floor and a hygienic cladding system to the walls, ready for the new kitchen units to be installed.

Smoke damage was present in various locations in the rest of the building, and as such decoration works were required to ensure that there was a welcoming feel for customers when entering the building.

GEM worked closely with the management team of The Star Inn The City to ensure the work was completed in a reasonable timeframe and handed the building back over earlier than expected so that the restaurant could reopen fully operational.

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Photos showing the extensive damage caused by the fire.


The repaired and redecorated bar area at The Star Inn The CIty.

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